human resources/employment law


On-Call HR Support

At a small or midsize business, management wears multiple hats and people issues seem to take up a disproportionate amount of time and often require immediate attention.

ClarusHR specializes in providing on-demand expertise and services based on specific, immediate client needs. Even for business that have HR professionals on staff, ClarusHR can provide immediate service, legal counseling and experienced discussion support to the HR representative.

We provide our knowledge and nationwide experience to save you the time and energy of going it alone. Depending on your specific needs, we can work with you to build your HR program from the ground up, starting with the basics like fringe benefits and compliance, and moving to workforce planning, talent management and building your internal capabilities for managing people.


Workplace Investigations

ClarusHR has an extensive investigations practice.  ClarusHR investigators have worked internally as an investigator in-house and/or have been engaged on behalf of companies, or outside counsel.  They have conducted investigations for Fortune 500 companies, start-up companies, small and mid-sized business, in a variety of industries including high-tech, advertisement, manufacturing, professional services firms, and non-profit organizations.

Recommended by prominent national and multi-national law firms to conduct investigations on behalf of their clients, the investigators have experience conducting investigations involving C-level employees to blue-collar front-line employees. 


Strategic Planning & Audits

We work with you to develop an HR  strategy that addresses both immediate and long-term business needs and goals.  ClarusHR also helps businesses align their HR strategy with their business objectives to help support and promote a successful organization.  A confidential assessment can be the best way to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Our assessment reports identify vulnerabilities and areas of improvement under the protection of the attorney-client privilege. Strongly recommended for companies without internal HR expert, companies subject to external audits, and those with frequent turnover in HR and payroll positions.  Assessments can cover: HR practices and procedures; Equal Pay, On-boarding and off-boarding procedures; Payroll/time records, Leave administration, Exempt/Nonexempt classifications, Employee files, I-9 right to work documentation, or OFCCP/AAP compliance.



Your employees want to know you take their complaints seriously.  Our anonymous employee hotline gives your company’s employees an outlet to lodge complaints while maintaining their anonymity.   You want your employees to complain, but not to a governmental entity or attorney.  Make it easy for them to complain to you.  Offering them a neutral, third-party employee complaint line available 24/7 not only demonstrates your commitment to full compliance with the laws that affect your workplace, but it shows that you actually care about the safety and comfort of your workers.  Receive immediate notification of complaints so you can quickly develop an internal plan of action.

Catching problems early can help you: identify unethical practices; reduce liabilities and lawsuits; improve your bottom line; boost morale/turnover by letting employees know you take their concerns seriously; employees speak with a professional trained in both employment practices.